Algonquin – July 1991

My first canoe tripping experience was in Algonquin park.  It was a great adventure for 2 teenagers.  We got a trip route from a teacher that loved to paddle and we headed north.  Looking back I can say that we had no idea what we were doing and we raced around the loop without taking time to enjoy the view.  It was still enough of a success that it hooked me on wanting to do more similar trips.


The most difficult part of this trip was a 2.39K portage (Tom Thomson to Ink Lake) which was huge for us – I think our trip adviser said that you have to do a tough portage to get away from the crowds.  That’s still sound advice today although I don’t think I would recommend that long of a portage for two rookies in July.



  • Canoe Lake is a great launching site for a canoe trip – especially if you are inexperienced
  • Expect that wind conditions can vary and will impact your paddle time on big lakes (like Big Trout Lake)


Trip Route (Clockwise Travel).  Note this map is not great, the Jeffs Map version will give much better detail.  I also don’t remember the details well enough to put camp sites and I can’t even remember how many nights we camped – I only remember that one night we camped near Grassy Lake and the frogs were deafening (in a good way!).


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