Noganosh – Aug 2015

Noganosh Provincial Park – Aug 2015

This is the put-in location where we left a car at Fleming’s Landing

Route Map

I have been selfishly afraid to tell too many people about this great trip because I didn’t want to spoil the secrecy of this great spot.  However, with Kevin Callan paddling there on Canada Day I think the secret is out.

At the time of our trip this leaning tree clearly indicated the man-made opening connecting Smoky Lake to Noganosh Lake

If you haven’t heard of this place it’s an “unmaintained provincial park” which means there is no formal day-to-day staff or maintenance but it also means there are no user fees.  We did this as an out-and-back trip and that’s what I would recommend.  The campsites are quite nice (please don’t mess it up) and the fishing is excellent.  Access is from the Pickerel River and you can leave a vehicle at Fleming’s Landing or at a bridge along the highway.  We chose Fleming’s Landing.

We stayed 3 nights – one night on Smoky Lake and then 2 nights at a nice base camp on Noganosh Lake.  Our last day we were able to paddle all the way back to Fleming’s Landing.  There is a portage from the Pickerel River into Smoky Creek which is pretty short.  Smoky Creek starts off as a pretty marshy area but it was no trouble paddling into Smoky Lake.



  • Bring a fishing rod and plan for smallmouth bass
  • Noganosh lake itself is quite large so you could spend some time looking around and checking out sites over a few days
  • If you don’t have a lot of time you could even make this a short 2 day trip if you just camped at Smoke Lake.
  • Be prepared for airplanes – Tornado Resorts is a fly-in fishing operator that operates in the area (they also operate as a canoe outfitter for Noganosh)


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